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Q&A: What’s the best way refresh day 2 curls? – Samantha L.

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HEATHER SAYS: My curls really bounce back to life if I employ a diffuser. I mist my hair with clean water (distilled or filtered), then add a light styler (like foam) for control. My Day 2 would not pass without the diffuser. It really makes the difference.

CARLEEN SAYS: A spray bottle filled with distilled water and a tablespoon of silicone-free conditioner is my go-to if I’m trying to really get after it. If I’m being lazy (which I often am), I’ll just get my hands wet with warm water and pet down the frizzy bits and make an OK sign with my fingers to rope down frizz.

WENDY SAYS: I like to take a water-soluble styling cream, emulsify it in my hands, then wet my palms a little. I use that to scrunch and smooth. Follow up with a foam and diffuser for hold and volume.

CAMILLE SAYS: I say work on how you style on Day 1 so that you don’t have to refresh on Day 2. Work in lots of water during each step, especially conditioning and styling. Then dry using a diffuser or hooded dryer. You should be able to wake up and shake/fluff your curls with your hands and get your day started.

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