About Curl

Curl is a global, quarterly, print and digital magazine that shows women they are beautiful and powerful in the hair they were born with. Alongside practical curly-hair tips, we put women front and center who are taking on the world with their curls blazing. With tons of information sourced directly from curly hair experts, insight into the curly experience, and heartfelt shared stories, Curl is the premiere magazine dedicated to curly hair.

What makes us different:

Expert curly hair stylists are our backbone. With our Stylist Panel and dozens of curl specialist partners, we get our information from the people who know curly and wavy hair inside and out. Not only do they see, feel, experience, cleanse, hydrate, cut, and style guests every single day, they’ve done it for years and had extensive extra training specifically in waves, curls, and coils. We can’t think of better people to instruct us on curly hair and help guide our content.

We’re indie. And while being an indie magazine is cool, in this hair and beauty space, it’s imperative. We’re not owned by a brand, so you can trust us when we say … 

We’re objective. Our founder and publisher is a former newsroom journalist, so our articles have the relatability of a magazine with the integrity of objective reporting. If Curl mentions a product or brand in an article, it’s because that’s what our source said, not because we were paid to say it.

Meet the Publisher

Stephanie smiles and tosses her red curly hair
Photo by The Sintoses

Stephanie Hinderer is the founder, publisher, and editor-in-chief of Curl. This magazine started as a dream in her high school lunchroom more than 20 years ago! She never really expected to make it happen; it was like that impossible dream of winning the lottery. But drawing from her decade-plus journalism career — and with the help of fellow curlies, stylists, and supporters of all kinds through a successful Kickstarter campaign — the dream became reality in 2018. Stephanie currently lives outside Atlanta, Georgia, with her curly-haired husband and 100-pound German shepherd, Flint.