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photo of zazzy bandz
Product Reviews

Review: Zazzy Bandz

ZAZZY BANDZ SAYS:Our Redesigned Headband That Fits Like Sunglasses® is made in the USA and provides volume, style, and all-day comfort without the headache. A portion of every sale helps to nurture and educate the children and teens of Peniel…

photo of HiBar shampoo and conditioner
Product Reviews

Review: HiBar Volumize Shampoo and Conditioner

HiBAR SAYS:HiBar’s salon-quality shampoos and conditioners skip the need for plastic packaging. Made with almost entirely plant-based ingredients, the Volumize formula delivers on adding body and fullness without adding weight. SIZE: ​​​3.2 oz. per bar PRICE: $26.50 for the set…

photo of Rose Wetze

Curls of American Ninja Warrior: Rose Wetzel

@runningrosieNumber of Ninja Warrior seasons: FourFavorite obstacle: Tilting sliderLeast favorite obstacle: Propeller barAge: 30Location: Boulder, ColoradoOccupation: Professional obstacle course racer sponsored by Clif Bar and MitoQ, personal trainerRole model: Kacy Catanzaro Journey to ANW: I was the eighth of nine…

photo of Christina Martin

Curls Of American Ninja Warrior: Christina Martin

@typezeroninjaNumber of Ninja Warrior seasons: OneFavorite obstacle: Anything that involves swingingLeast favorite obstacle: Jumping off a trampoline to a tireAge: 24Location: Sanford, FloridaOccupation: Professional dancer, motivational speaker, founder and executive director of the Type Zero FoundationRole model: Chris Ruden, who…