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Photo of a woman watching a Hollywood movie

Can Hollywood See Curls As More Than A Punchline?

When was the first time you saw someone with your hair texture on TV?  While your response likely depends on when you grew up and your cultural background, your experience with how those looks were represented might have been eerily…

photo of woman spraying her ahir

Time-Saving Curly Hair Hacks

If you’re feeling lazy, or if you just want to cut down the time you spend on your hair, try these techniques. PLOPPING Plopping is a method of wrapping your hair on top of your head during the styling process….

Photo of woman being lazy with curly hair

Feeling Lazy? Curls Don’t Have To Be So Complicated

Raise your hand if you don’t always have time or simply cannot be bothered to style your curly hair every day. We get it, caring for curls can sound very involved: cleanse, condition, detangle, “squish to condish,” plop, rake, scrunch,…

Stylist Panel Q&As

When My Hair Gets Dry It Gets HUGE!

Curl gives you answers right from the experts, including our Stylist Panel of professionals who specialize in curly hair. Meet the panelists here! Q&A: When my hair dries, it gets HUGE.  How do I get it more controlled? -Kristen T….

Photo of Paige Marie Soft Hold Gel
Product Reviews

Review: Paige Marie Soft Hold Styling Gel

PAIGE MARIE SAYS: If you’re looking for a styling gel with soft hold that defines your curls and promotes healthy hair, then this is the one. It’s packed with healthy ingredients that will offer a great style and nourish your…

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