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Stylist Panel Q&As

How Do I Grow Out Fine Hair?

Curl gives you answers right from the experts, including our Stylist Panel of professionals who specialize in curly hair. Meet the panelists here! Q&A: I have really fine hair. I’m trying to grow it out, but it just breaks. Any…

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Product Reviews

Review: Tee-Owels T-Shirt Towel

TEE-OWELS SAYS: Our Tee-Owels are made of high-quality cotton T-shirt material that’s durable, absorbent, and has a little stretch for easy wrapping and styling, perfect for protecting curly and dry hair types from breakage, damage, and frizz caused by traditional…

photo of curl stylist

9 Tips For Finding Your Perfect Curl Stylist

It’s time to find a new curly hair stylist and you’re filled with dread. Maybe you recently moved and want to find a new ride-or-die, or maybe you were just disappointed with your last cut. Regardless, the process of finding…

Product Reviews

Review: Tréluxe Reflex Curl Styling Serum

TRÉLUXE SAYS: ReFlex is a lightweight botanical formula designed to smooth, elongate, and define curls and waves. It’s great for use on fine hair that is easily weighed down, and is a great serum for set styles (flexi-rods, perm rods,…