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Q&A: For the last 6-12 months I’ve been using the same silicone-and sulfate-free products. But it’s like my hair became sensitive to them, and no matter what I do my curls are gone. Can hair get used to products? How often should I switch,then? – Margaret S.

photo of Yasmine YoungYASMINE SAYS: You probably need to clarify. Using a clarifying shampoo will refresh your hair and allow the products to have a clean surface to work on.

photo of Atoya BassATOYA SAYS: Go to your ingredients. If you see butters or oils (even the good ones), then I recommend not using these products. If I use any product that has butter or oil in the Top 10 ingredients, my hair goes straight within a few weeks. Stop co-washing and use shampoo instead. Make sure you are using small amounts of conditioner and large amounts of water.

photo of Wafaya Abdallah WAFAYA SAYS: It’s not enough to avoid silicone and sulfates. We need to pay attention to what else is in our hair products. Looking for ingredients that are natural and water-soluble is equally necessary. Again, is the hair cut in a good shape, are synthetics really out of your hair care regimen? It’s rare, but we have seen hair that has texture change due to hormonal changes, or other biological occurrences. As far as switching up products, well yes — as seasons change so can our curls’ needs.

photoof Krista LeavittKRISTA SAYS: Sounds like the hair has become too moisturized and a protein treatment or three might balance things back out. Clarifying the hair, followed by a deep conditioner that contains protein, almost always solves this problem.

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