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If you’d like to submit your images for our Cut & Style Inspiration section, fill out the form below.

Please remember these guidelines:

1. Photos should be as big/high-resolution as possible. An original phone image shot in good light is OK.

2. No filters, logos, or watermarks on the photos.

3. “After” images only; please do not include “before” images at this time.

Would you prefer to have the stylist's name listed with the cut instead of just the salon?
That would be great!Not that important to me.

Attach up to 5 high-resolution images. If you'd like to submit additional photos, simply fill out the form again!

*File name field only needed if professional photo credit is necessary

By submitting this form:
1) The Stylist warranties that he/she has the right to use the submitted images for use.
2) The Stylist further warranties that he/she has secured any and all necessary model releases, licenses and/or copyright for Curl to use the submitted images.
3) The Stylist agrees to indemnify, defend, hold harmless and pay for all legal fees incurred by Curl as it relates to any claims, actions, suits or issues related to the use of the images submitted by the Stylist.

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Pilot Issue cover photo by Jessica Wood