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Q&A: What’s the main piece of advice you hope guests leave your salon with? – Kristina R.

photo of panelist Michelle StiverMICHELLE SAYS: I hope they realize the importance of hydration and moisture. That is the foundation of healthy, curly hair.

photo of panelist Meg ConklingMEG SAYS: If you can remember two new pieces of information from your visit, and focus on mastering those from now until your next visit, your life will drastically change. Whether it’s technique or mind-set, approach it with openness and determination.

photo of panelist Gina Marie RodriguezGINA SAYS: That it’s a journey and healthy hair takes time, but healthy hair is the most flexible/versatile hair, so be patient because it’s worth it! And to let go of perfection. Instagram photos are snapped within five minutes of a finished style. If we could check back with them at the end of their day, it wouldn’t be the same.

Photo of panelist Aeleise HarrisAELEISE SAYS: Keep it simple. Cleanse, condition, style with one or two stylers. Schedule and keep your maintenance appointments

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