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photo of the versatowel
Below, read reviews from fellow curlies about: Original Moxie Versatowel

ORIGINAL MOXIE SAYS: Meet the next level in hair drying! The Versatowel combines the absorbency of microfiber with the anti-frizz properties of a T-shirt towel, and it’s incredibly stylish and versatile. The infinity loop design can be worn in virtually any style, from turban to scarf.

SIZE: ​​​18-by-31 inches

PRICE: $36

WHERE TO BUY: originalmoxie.com

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Freehold, NJ

I really love this Original Moxie Versatowel! I’ve always used a regular towel for my hair. I have tried microfiber towels, but they soak up too much water for my medium-​texture/medium-density hair. This towel was just right! I used it to microplop, and it did not cause any frizz at all! I even used it to “scrunch out the crunch” of my curl cast — again, no frizz!

I would definitely recommend this towel for all hair types!

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photo of Kassie after using the versatowel

Omaha, NE

I always love a nice big hair towel to help squish out extra water from my hair after styling and before drying. The Versatowel is extra fun: Not only can I use it to plop, but it also has been great for protecting my hair when I have to go outside in the rain or snow. This has been helpful because my hoods can often cause frizz or my hair gets stuck in zippers.

Any curly-, wavy-, or kinky-haired person could benefit from a hair towel like this one.

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photo of Sana after using the versatowel

Newark, DE

I immediately liked the material used for the Versatowel. It was nice and smooth, meaning there was nothing for my hair to catch on to cause frizz. Since I have high-density waves, I use it in the hood style shown on their website. It absolutely cut down on my dry time, and it was great to be able to have it draped over my shoulders so I wasn’t stuck with a wet spot on my back from wet hair. Over a few uses, I figured out that half an hour is my sweet spot of absorbing enough water to cut dry time without it flattening my roots.

I would recommend it to anyone with high-density hair, curly or not, who likes to air-dry.

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