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photo of the versatowel
Product Reviews

Review: Original Moxie Versatowel

ORIGINAL MOXIE SAYS: Meet the next level in hair drying! The Versatowel combines the absorbency of microfiber with the anti-frizz properties of a T-shirt towel, and it’s incredibly stylish and versatile. The infinity loop design can be worn in virtually…

photo of rizos curls
Product Reviews

Review: Rizos Curls Light Hold Gel

RIZOS CURLS SAYS: Our Light Hold Gel seals in moisture while offering flexible, flake-free, lasting hold and definition (without leaving hair crunchy) for shiny, frizz-free, voluminous curls. It also helps combat humidity and works great on all textured hair types,…

Photo of Dr. Sarb Clare

‘If You Can See It You Can Be It’

As an award-winning frontline senior doctor working for the National Health Service, Dr. Sarb Clare is leading a movement that empowers women — especially curly ones — to be the best version of themselves.

photo of curl - curl training

Is ‘Curl Training’ Even Real?

As you create curl clumps over and over again, across weeks and months, can you train your curls to clump and spring up on their own? In short: not really. “I don’t like to use the term ‘curl training’ in…