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12 Ways to Use Your Time While Diffusing

There are two types of people when it comes to diffusing: those that sit in silence, contemplating life, and those who multitask as their hair dries. Diffusing produces beautiful results for many: better curl definition, more volume, and longer-lasting hold….

woman with curly hair covers her ears

What to Do When Your Family Can’t Accept Your Curls

“Home for the holidays” is such a beautiful, ringing sentiment when it’s caressing the airways in Perry Como’s smooth tones. But on the other end of the spectrum is a (possibly) more realistic thought: “I’ll be home for Christmas and…

Michelle Stiver
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Heart of Gold (and Titanium)

“I’m so sorry, do you mind if I take this really quick?” Michelle Stiver is not in the habit of answering phone calls in the middle of a guest’s haircut. But then again, her phone isn’t usually ringing ominously, over…