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Hair & Scalp Health

How Much Hair Loss Is Too Much?

Nearly every curly girl has asked herself how much hair loss is normal. When there’s hair on the walls of the shower and clogging the drain on wash day, it’s a logical question. Should you be concerned?

Styling, Techniques, Tips

12 Ways to Use Your Time While Diffusing

There are two types of people when it comes to diffusing: those that sit in silence, contemplating life, and those who multitask as their hair dries. Diffusing produces beautiful results for many: better curl definition, more volume, and longer-lasting hold….

woman with curly hair covers her ears

What to Do When Your Family Can’t Accept Your Curls

“Home for the holidays” is such a beautiful, ringing sentiment when it’s caressing the airways in Perry Como’s smooth tones. But on the other end of the spectrum is a (possibly) more realistic thought: “I’ll be home for Christmas and…