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Photo of barbering

A Major Shift At Barbershops

If you close your eyes and picture a barber, what do you see? Perhaps it’s an aproned tradesman working on a client in a swivel chair inside a shop with a candy-striped pole out front. Or maybe you imagine a…

Photo of Kristy Papadopulos
Journeys, Life

Kirsty Papadopulos: The Social Entrepreneur

For all intents and purposes, Kirsty Papadopulos, 42, of Seattle, Washington, grew out her grays by accident. “I didn’t really have a plan. I’m just super lazy about getting my hair done,” she says. “Then, I couldn’t get in to…

Photo of woman spraying her hair
Stylist Panel Q&As

What’s The Best Way To Refresh Day 2 Curls?

Curl gives you answers right from the experts, including our Stylist Panel of professionals who specialize in curly hair. Meet the panelists here! Q&A: What’s the best way refresh day 2 curls? – Samantha L. This article contains affiliate links. For…

Photo of Penny Tovar

Penny Tovar: New Haircut, New Happiness

One year after being on the cover of Curl, Penny is back with a newfound sense of self — and a lot less hair. Here’s how she’s feeling after cutting 24 inches and facing some who say she ruined everything.

Photo of Wendy Florencio

Food, Family, And Following Dreams

It can almost be said that hairstyling is in Wendy Florencio’s DNA. In fact, the Curl Stylist Panelist says that her trajectory in life has been largely steered by her genetic, familial, and cultural influences. Florencio is first-generation Dominican-American. This…